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THE SIKH NATION, Based on the belief in One God

The Sikh Nation recognizes the equality of all human beings; and it rejects the concepts of idolatry, ritualism, caste system and asceticism. The founder of the Sikh faith, Guru Nanak Dev challenged the centuries old status quo of the Brahmin dominated social structure. By raising his voice against the injustice, Guru Nanak helped release the common man from the clutches of the Brahmins. He brought the downtrodden out of their misery and showed them the path to enlightenment. Eventually,Guru Gobind Singh sounded the death knell of the caste and class system when he baptized his five beloved ones from the same bowl and then sipped Amrit from the same bowl himself. In a revolutionary manner he thus transformed the docile populace to a freedom-loving nation "The Sikh Nation".


India: Prosecute Killers of Sikhs
"Seven government appointed commiss-ions have investiga-ted these attacks. But the commissions were all either whitewashes or they were met with official stonewalling and obstruction."
Brad Adams, Asia director of Human Rights Watch

» Report: End Two Decades of Impunity

The November 1984 Pogroms of Sikhs in India
The report inclues a new chapter that succinctly articulates the failings of the Nanavati Commission and the Action Taken Report, after a thorough consideration of the evidence at the government's disposal.

» Report: Twenty Years Of Impunity